BK005 Mink Eyelashes
BK005 Mink Eyelashes
Product Description:
The Most Comfortable False Lashes Factory.
100% Mink Fur Hair And 100% Hand Crafted.
China Mink Lashes Manufacturer Mink Eyelashes
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Introduction Mink Lashes:
Product Name:3D Strip Eyelashes
Material:Synthetic Hair/Mink Hair
Type:3D Type/Hand Made Type
Brand:OEM Your Own Brand
Feature:Super soft/3D Efficient
Package: Common package/Your own package
Color:Natural color/Black color
Service:OEM/Free sample
Why Choose Us?

1. Cheap— Factory price
2. Good—High quality&over 20 years production experience
3. New— One new product per month from our own R&D Dept.
4. Safe—Complaint response within 24 hours & Confidentiality of customer information
5. Custom Made– Lash and Packing box custom since 1997