Mink eyelash wholesale
Mink eyelash wholesale
Product Description:
Eyelash packaging wholesale Mink Strip Eyelashes Private Label.
100% Mink Fur Hair And 100% Hand Crafted Mink eyelash wholesale.
China Mink Lashes Manufacturer Mink Eyelashes  Factory mink lashes private label factory
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Introduction Mink Lashes:
Product Name:Private Label Packaging Mink Lashes Eyelash Packaging Boxes Custom Logo
Material:Mink Strip Eyelashes Private Label Packaging
Type:3D eyelash packaging box are paper card box, plastic box, velvet box and special paper box
Brand:OEM Your Own Brand
Feature:Create your own brand with custom eyelash packaging pink
Package: Eyelash packaging wholesale Luxury
Color:Any color
Why Choose Us?

1. Cheap— Eyelash packaging wholesale Private Label mink fur eyelashes wholesale
2. Good—Luxury Private Label Empty Custom Eyelash Packaging
3. New— One new product per month from our own R&D Dept.
4. Safe—Complaint response within 24 hours & Confidentiality of customer information
5. Custom Made– Lash and Packing box custom since 1997