Eyelash Extensions 
False eyelashes are the finishing touch for our whole eye makeup, making our eye makeup more attractive and enlarging the eyes better, but each person's eye shape is different, how to choose the most suitable false eyelashes,  share it. Wholesale 3d mink eyelashes,wholesale lashes mink , wholesale mink lashes supplier, mink lashes manufacturer, mink eyelashes manufacturers.

The first thing to share is the basic whole false eyelashes.
1) Trim the length of the eyelash stalk and adjust it to fit the length of your eyes.
2) clip eyelashes and brush a thin mascara.
3) Apply glue to false eyelashes and make them translucent. Hold the two ends of the pedicle with your hands during the period. Curve the false eyelashes into shape. It is convenient for the follow-up wearing of the false eyelashes to match the curvature of the eyes more closely and prevent the two ends of the false eyelashes from curling up.
4) Put false eyelashes between the root of real eyelashes and skin. The initial position of false eyelashes is about 4 mm to 5 mm from the eye. Don't stick close to the eye.
5) Eyelashes clip press true and false eyelashes together to prevent side-looking stratification.
6) Check whether the false eyelashes on both sides are symmetrical in angle and have the same length of eye tail.
7) draw a thin Eyeliner along the base of the false eyelash with the fine eyeliner, so that the false eyelash and the outer liner can be integrated into one body (the tail of the eye is stretched gently) to fill the gap between the genuine and false eyelashes.