Summer is on its way, and if you’re already dreading it then join the club! Summer is a very social and active time of year. The heat can be dreadful, and destroy your hairstyle in minutes. It makes your sweat and plasters your baby hairs to the back of your neck.

This time of year may even make you want to chop off your hair to let in a little breeze. Most people opt for that option, but maybe you don’t want to chop it all off!  Specially, if you’ve worked so hard all year to get it this long. So I might have the perfect solution for you; wear a BOB!

Tips on wearing wigs in the summer

Wash your wig

There are a few things you should keep in mind when wearing wigs in the summer. Wash your wig regularly, washing it every day isn’t necessary, frankly, it’s a bit over the top. But you should wash it more than you do during winter the time of year. To prevent sweat and excess oil build up.

Comfortable and cooler

Stretchy wig caps are your bff! Most caps are made from a material that stays tight to your head and oftentimes that can prevent the scalp from being able to breathe. That will make you sweat more and overheat your scalp during these summer months. I would suggest switching to a standard mesh cap with built-in ventilation that will help you not only feel more comfortable and cooler but will give you the option of wearing whichever style of wig you want!

Keep your hair off your neck!

There are a few handpicked styles that I believe would be better than others. They will keep the hair off your neck and still make you look beautiful, fresh and stylish. These are some wigs I believe will work with many different face shapes for these upcoming months of tremendous heat!