What is the production process of hair weft?
Maybe you’re wearing hair weft/hair weave everyday,but you don’t know how does it comes.What’s the production process in the hair factory? Does it processed with chemical products? Let’s make it clear today.(ps: maybe there are some difference between different factory with different wholesale hair weft)

1.Collect Raw Hair Material
Firstly,the hair material was collected from temples,single donors in origin country,like Indian,Brazilian. Then it will be imported by China Hair Importer.after that,they will delivery it to the hair factory. That’s how the hair material comes and why China factory claims that the hair is 100% raw human hair from real original country.
The collected hair must be brushed with any unwanted,unhealthy, or stray grey strands removed.It called DANG FA in Chinese.then make it organized.
3.Hair Bulk
Every bundle has its own weight,usually 100grams per bundle.So it need to weight & measured 8’’-30’’ and make it into hair bulk tied up with elastic.The workers must make sure the hair is clean,no mixed thing among hair.
4.Machine Weft
Put the hair which is already weight and measured on the machine in a line,at last apply glue into the hair weft to make it strong.Usually,the hair will be double machine weft to prevent shedding.
Wahsing is very important process.the hair will be wash several time to keep the hair clean and healthy.Please note that it is no chemical products.After water processing, it need to air dry.
6.Hair Texture
For texture hair (not straight),our technical will make the perfect hair texture very carefully.All our hair texture are lovely.All texture can be customized by us,and it takes 4-5 working days to process.